Pokemon Go servers temporarily blocked outside Australia, New Zealand

Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go released last July 6, 2016 for Android and IOS users created by Niantic Inc. Pokemon Go PH app with a virtual reality gameplay or more as augmented and real-time mapping game has been released for Android and iOS including iPhone and iPad versions.

This latest release only sees limited official availability and support with the Philippines not included in the official support. Not all can install the game app due to compatibility issues but soon to support all.

Philippines users was so excited to install including me and wanted to try out but the sad news is Pokemon Go servers temporarily block for all users outside Australia and New Zealand.

Why the Philippines and other countries have been blocked in Pokemon Go?

The main reasons might be the high traffic and server overloading brought by several thousands of new users playing the game. And these issue affects not only the Philippines but all countries that are candidates and will be supported by the game even Japan.

When are you able to play Pokemon Go again?

The good news is that this is temporary and Pokemon Go is still in beta, we might see the servers be backed again anytime soon for the continuous global roll out.

Where to install Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go is available to all Android users via Google Playstore and IOS users via Appstore.

Why I can’t find Pokemon Go?

If you can’t find Pokemon Go in Playstore and Appstore, it mean that your devices is not  compatible with Pokemon Go release. Just wait for the next update and maybe your device can now support.


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